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What leather materials can we use for the notebooks?

There are many different leather materials for notebooks, journals, planners, organizers or diary covers. For example: genuine leather as cowhide, split leather, full grain leather, etc., as well as synthetic ones as Italian thermo PU leather, PU leather, PVC, etc. Based upon your requirements and budget, we can propose from a wide range of colors and grains. Please feel free to contact us for details.

Following material pictures are for your kind reference only: 

PVC or leatherette material:

This is the cheapest synthetic, artificial/faux leather material in the market. It is a form of artificial leather, usually made by covering a fabric base with plastic. The fabric can be made of a natural or a synthetic fibre which is then covered with a soft PVC layer.  This material always gives your notebook a leatherette look but at a relatively low price? Logo and motif are always applied with foil hot stamping or screen printing.

pvc meterial for notebook, journals, diary covers, etc.

PU material:

PU material is a synthetic leather made from the inner splits of the hide and finished with a polyurethane coating. This leather is made resistant to water penetration and has a high fade resistance. Such PU material usually gives you a better touch feeling than PVC. And it comes in a variety of colors, textures and finishes. You can customize your logo by hot stamping, embossing and color printing as well.

PU material for notebook cover

Italian Thermo PU material:

This is always considered to be better faux leather. And there is a great range on colors, textures, finishes, etc. We always suggest blind embossing logo on such material, as logo will be shown in another color after being thermal pressed. And it brings out an outstanding impressive effect.

PU material
Italian Thermal PU material
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Italian Thermo PU material